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Together we’ve given away $5,433 in our first three months! And we’ve done GOOD in 33 states and 6 countries so far, with new ones coming in every day!

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This is where we track the running total of everything the Rockstar Community Fund has accomplished to date – we promise you’ll leave with a little more faith in humanity ;)

(And if you like what we’re doing here and want to get involved, we’d love to have you!)

Complete Results For February 2017

Total #GivingCards Sent Out For Mission #3 – Make a Loved One Smile: 29
Total Financial GOOD Done From Cards: $760
Total Financial GOOD Done From Other Projects: $300

Featured #GivingCards Stories In February 2017:
In our third month we made the jump across the pond to see our first London member create some unexpected joy with a #GivingCard! We saw gifts given during a cross-country road trip and just after a cross-country flight, presents give to friends, family, and children, and even some Valentine’s Day love :) February was another successful month, and March looks to be even bigger, with our first corporate partner upcoming, and a few special surprise gifts… To see more detail on any of the stories pictured below, just check out the Mission #3 Highlight Page.

  • Jasmine went on a 2,000-mile road trip, dropping #GivingCards at locations along the way
  • Our first Londoner gave some love to her friend, stressed out with her PhD dissertation
  • A special card was flown halfway around the world to make a fiancee smile :)
  • Stephanie helped remove a bit of the burden for families having to visit the Mayo Clinic
  • A surprise gift given in a time of need, prompting an unexpected reunion…
  • Tim delivered flowers to an incarcerated friend’s mom on his behalf on her birthday

See full accounts of all these stories and more at the Mission #3 Highlight Page

Other Project Results For February 2017:

  • #DebtDrop – We paid off $200 of debt this month – $100 towards helping a single mom get rid of some unexpected home repair bills, and another $100 towards a blog reader struggling under major medical bills.
  • Emergency Fund – We gave a member of our blogging community $100 to help pay for new cancer medicine, only to be surprised when he turned it down and said he wanted to pay it forward instead! How beautiful!


February 2017 Favorite Quotes:

“I love how this project uses monetary means to spread something deeper than just plain financial relief. Not that helping others with their finances is shallow in any way shape or form, but I do feel that love is a more powerful currency. The project has helped me express love more actively in my own life—thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for that.” – FemmeFrugality

“We’re getting together in person in the next week now, so an unexpected reunion is a great return! It’s crazy how just the simple text in return made me want to give more! This stuff is addicting!” – ald0813


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Complete Results For January 2017

Total #GivingCards Sent Out For Mission #2 – A Financial Boost: 30
Total Financial GOOD Done From Cards: $1,845
Total Financial GOOD Done From Other Projects: $313

Featured #GivingCards Stories In January 2017:
Our cards made it all the way around the world again this month, up to the Netherlands, and down to Australia! And we had our first example of a complete stranger seeing the GC results and doing their own thing to give back. It was a copycat act of charity (which we love)! To see more detail on any of the stories pictured below, just check out the Mission #2 Highlight Page.

  • Remember how Sarah mobilized her friends and turned her little $20 #GivingCard into over $300 for middle-school kids’ lunches last month? Well, this month an anonymous family in the next town over donated $1,000 to pay off lunch debts for 75 high school kids!
  • Our own J. Money AND our Australian giver got a chance to truly interact with people who are usually ignored
  • One very young worker in Indiana was rewarded for going above and beyond
  • Someone got a bag of groceries for her mom after a hip injury
  • Girl Scout Cookie rewards for a group of teenagers working at a fast-food place!
  • One of our members helped a family buy necessities after a devastating house fire
  • When a little girl at school was being made fun of for wearing the same shirt every day, team member Felisa and her friend found out she lived with her mom at the homeless shelter, and gave them the #GivingCard plus $100 extra dollars to buy her new clothes <3

See full accounts of all these stories and more at the Mission #2 Highlight Page

Other Project Results For January 2017:

  • Incubator of Good“The School of Rock Your Money: Mo’ Money, No Problems” — Our latest project funded via our “Incubator of Good” initiative :) Financial blogger Primal Prosperity had been thinking about putting together an introductory workshop to help kids develop a positive and healthy relationship with money. After talking with us about RCF’s Incubator of Good project, she decided to move forward with her class, and we funded 50% of the first one (and also helped her come up with a mechanism to build some giveback ideas for the kids into the class itself). You can read more about how it all went here on her site: What Should We Teach Kids About Money?
  • #DebtDrop – We gave $150 to help someone burdened with undeserved debt
  • Emergency Fund – We contributed $100 to support someone in our community going through some pretty horrible abuse


January 2017 Favorite Quotes:

“I don’t think Andrew understood the feeling that he conveyed from me on Saturday. I know as a writer (even an amateur one) that I should be able to put it in words, but I do not believe I can. Simply amazing. It is great to help people out and even better to help them out directly.

I plan on helping more people out throughout the year (we have some pretty big plans for a family in the upcoming months).

I want to thank you all of the FIRE bloggers for allowing me to be in such a great community of people. You inspire me. When I am not sure about this blogging venture I have taken upon, it is the people and the ideas like the Rockstar Community Fund that make me realize what great people are still out there.

You all are amazing.

Thank you” – IH

“My friend came back to talk for another 15 minutes with me. I think just talking one-on-one for awhile was possibly more rewarding to him than the money. Then, get this – he said, “How can I help out with what you guys are doing? I’ve been wanting more positive stuff in my life and this is just amazing.”


This is when you know you’ve given it to the right person. When THEY need it more than anyone else, but one of their first thoughts is about how they can pay it forward… man… my heart!

Can I just quit all my work and just give out these cards all day long???” – J. Money


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Complete Results For December 2016

Total #GivingCards Sent Out For Mission #1 – An Unexpected Gift: 50
Total Financial GOOD Done From Cards: $2,015
Total Financial GOOD Done From Other Projects: $200

Featured #GivingCards Stories In December 2016:
We really had no idea what to expect this month – we just had what we thought was a cool idea, and hoped that the community would think so too and jump on board with us. And you guys did not disappoint – in fact, so many people gave above and beyond the $20 we provided that we almost doubled our money! Our very first RCF month ever saw the #GivingCards travel to half the states in the Union (including the White House, how cool is that?), one Canadian province, and even halfway around the world to India! To see more detail on any of the stories pictured below, just check out the Mission #1 Highlight Page.

  • Against all odds and expectations, we actually got three cards into the White House Executive Offices, and even onto a coffee table right outside the Oval Office itself!
  • One giver turned her $20 card into over $300 for middle-school kids’ lunches
  • Speaking of kids, even the little ones got involved, giving love to their mentors!
  • A body pillow was custom-made for a grieving widow, using shirts from her late husband
  • Cards were personally delivered to those who needed a little extra help
  • One store owner split hers into $5 parts and hid them around her store for children to find, so they could get a small present for a sibling or parent
  • A #GivingCard helped make a refugee’s resettlement house feel a little more like home
  • SO many simple (and lovely) extra gifts were given both to loved ones and to strangers this holiday season

See full accounts of all these stories and more at the Mission #1 Highlight Page

Other Project Results For December 2016:

  • #DebtDrop – We surprised someone experiencing depression from debt with a gift of $100 to help pay down some of it and offer up hope for the day
  • Emergency Fund – We contributed $100 to Athena’s fundraising campaign to help her kick cancer’s ass


December 2016 Favorite Quotes:

“It is addictive! I donate and volunteer for various non-profits, but giving on a personal level feels different. It all feels good, but seeing another person’s face light up like that is priceless.” – Amanda

“I’m crying at my desk. 43 families helped. Man. It’s been a rough year, and things like this make me feel like everything just might be okay after all.” – Sarah

“It’s hard for me to talk about, but the truth is that I haven’t been as generous as I would have liked in 2016 . . . but the Giving Card reminded me that I don’t want to live in the past. I want to move into 2017 with generosity in my heart and help people who are experiencing hardships in whatever way I can. Thank you for the reminder, Rockstar <3” – Taylor

“He was almost done with the work when I thought of the card in my pocket. I pulled it out and my wife instantly agreed that this was the correct recipient. I gave him the card and explained that I was part of a group of people looking for those to whom we could bestow a gift. He almost cried and his only response was “I needed this.” So here’s to Henry, from somewhere in Mississippi, who may feel like he received a lovely gift, when I know it was really me who was blessed.” – Steve