melanie lockert dear debtThis initiative is led, and inspired, by Melanie Lockert of DearDebt.com. In 2015 she wiped away the last of her remaining debt, and immediately started paying it forward by setting aside $50 every month to go toward the debts of one of her readers similarly struggling.

We thought it was such a good idea that we not only started matching it (Melanie paid off $900 of debts in 2016!!), but also made it one of our starting projects here at the RCF.

We know this doesn’t solve everyone’s problems, but we like to think it gives them a little hope for the day, and reminds them that they’re not alone in their journey. Especially those who may be close to being suicidal (which, unfortunately, we’re finding out is not too uncommon).

Our hope is that other bloggers in our community (or anyone else, for that matter!) will join us in helping pay off even more in future years!

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Total debt paid off so far: $650

  • December 2016: $100 for a reader of DearDebt.com struggling financially
  • January 2017: $150 for a friend of Primal Prosperity burdened with undeserved debt
  • February 2017: $200 total. $100 to help a single mom out with unexpected home repair bills, and another $100 towards a blog reader struggling under major medical bills
  • March 2017: $100 for a person struggling in our community
  • April 2017: $100 for a reader of our blogs this month who is falling under a deep depression due to the enormous debt they have. They were blown away by the gesture and hope to pay it forward when in a better position :)

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